Have a Large Project? Leave it to us!

We had the opportunity to work on the largest project we have ever had last month. Needless to say, the timing of this project was impeccable.  Right in the midst of Covid, where, like many businesses, endured a drastic decline in sales.  We are beyond excited that we were able to assist Oswego County Opportunities and they were able to shop local for their project.

This project was special to us because we were able to play a part in helping create an important resource for the seniors in our area. To learn about the resource books, click here and to learn more about Oswego County Opportunities, and what a significant resource they are for our community click here.

The project consisted of almost 2,000 resource books, bound in 3-ring binders, complete with front covers and spines, with tabs inserted to separate important sections within the book.  From start to finish, the project took about 6 weeks to get all the supplies for the job, print the contents, assemble the books, and package the finished product.  The longest part was waiting for the paper and binders to arrive from the supplier to our print shop.  All across the county - even the world, there have been delays due to the effects the coronavirus has had on the supply chain.

This was the first job of this caliber we have produced, but we were able to implement our know-how and complete the job with ease.  We are eager for our next big project and excited to see what else we are capable of!